Lấy Chồng Giàu Sang (2002)

Tóm tắt

Mi (Sammi Cheng) is leading a happy life helping her father deliver LPG tanks, but she is rudely awakened to the "fact" that she needs to marry a rich man, after bumping into her old classmate who has done just that. She chances upon a book that teaches her methods to snag that rich, handsome man she dreams about. One method taught is to fly first class to a faraway, romantic location, and to romance an ostensibly rich man on the airplane en route to the location. Mi decides to use this scheme, and the location she chooses is Milan, Italy. On the plane, posed as a rich woman, she bumps into Dan (Richie Ren), an ostensibly rich man who's on a sabbatical to Milan. An unfortunate event leads to their wallets being stolen in Milan, and together Mi and Dan spend a day together doing soppy, romantic stuff that doesn't require any money. However, Mi soon finds out that Dan is not a rich man and Dan finds out the same about Mi. Their romance comes to an abrupt end, and Mi returns to Hong Kong a brokenhearted woman. She is then courted by an exceedingly rich banker called Wilson, but can't forget the attraction she has toward Dan. Which would she choose true love or money?